Managing sustainability

Managing sustainability

Effective sustainability governance is vital as we look to build a business for the long term, providing the assets societies need to function, develop and thrive.

The Executive Committee prepares and endorses our Sustainability Policy. The Blueprint sets out the attributes of a well-run and sustainable Balfour Beatty and outlines how we will deliver the Sustainability Policy.

The Sustainability Working Group, comprises senior managers with responsibility for Group policy and strategy on key issues.

Each business unit produces its own action plan for the Blueprint. These plans are subject to internal and external audit.

Managing risk

The Board is responsible for ensuring that risks are identified and appropriately managed across the Group. Responsibility for risk identification, analysis, evaluation, mitigation, reporting and monitoring rests with business unit management.

While risk management is a key driver for our sustainability vision, non-financial risk is also reflected in our Group-level risk management process.

We use a management systems approach to minimise risk impacts and meet regulatory requirements. Some 85% of our revenues come under environmental management systems that either meet the ISO 14001 standard or are subject to third party audits under our Group Audit Protocol.

Data assurance

Business units report performance against the Blueprint quarterly. The corresponding data is independently assured by external auditors, who for 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 was KPMG.

2015 KPMG Data Assurance Report