Relations with shareholders

The Board attaches great importance to maintaining good relationships with all shareholders and ensures that shareholders are kept informed of significant Company developments.

The Company continued its programme of communication with institutional investors and sell-side analysts throughout 2015. Presentations of the half-year and full-year results were made in accordance with the practice of previous years, and teleconferences have been held for Interim Management Statements.

Through the year, approximately 102 one-on-one and group meetings were held at regular intervals with institutional shareholders (2014: approximately 207). Current and prospective shareholders, brokers and analysts were also given the opportunity to engage with Balfour Beatty during hosted roadshows in London, Scotland and North America.

This communication programme will be maintained and expanded where appropriate, subject to the constraints of regulation and practice. The 2016 investor relations programme will focus on ensuring investors and the analyst community understand the Group, its operations and strategy, and that international institutions continue to be given the opportunity to meet with management.

Care is exercised to ensure that any price sensitive information is released to all shareholders at the same time in accordance with UK Listing Authority requirements.

Executive Directors report regularly to the Board on meetings or other contact with shareholders or their representatives. The non-executive Directors continue to believe that, through their direct and ready access to, and contact with, the Chairman and the Senior Independent Director and through the regular reports to the Board, they are kept fully aware of the views of the larger shareholders in the Company and the investment community generally.

The Board continues to retain the services of independent external corporate and investor relations consultants who provide advice on the relationship between the Company and its institutional investors.