Product information


OmniQuest helps engineers to programme the works carried out by vehicles on the rail network more effectively. It provides real-time and historical information on the movement and status of vehicles fitted with an on-board unit in both graphical and tabular format making it quick and easy for engineers to understand and use.

How it works

The information is hosted on a secure web portal meaning that engineering teams can access it from almost anywhere. It allows the user to both monitor works as they are being completed and to review vehicle movement and activity from works that have been completed to identify patterns and increase utilisation of assets in future works.

All of the information from the system can be exported as a .CSV file for integration into other software packages for further interrogation. 


  • Helps engineers to optimise future programmes of works
  • Information displayed in graphical and tabular formats for ease of use
  • Real-time insight into how works are progressing, enabling better decisions during delivery
  • Secure website that allows access from almost anywhere
  • Data can be exported for use in other software packages including Microsoft Excel or Word