Succession planning

Succession planning

We’re committed to the internal appointment of our leaders. A wide range of people who joined us on leaving school or on an apprenticeship programme now hold senior leadership positions in the Group.

To deliver on our dual commitment of career development for all and the accelerated progression for our most talented people, we look closely at how we manage succession.

Increasingly, we are actively managing the career development of a number of our people so that, by the time it is required, they possess the right mix of skills, experience, international exposure, to fulfil their potential as a senior leader in the Group.

On an ongoing basis and, formally, at least once a year, we undertake a comprehensive assessment of succession at all levels in the Group. The aim is to identify both successors in key positions and the development support or key experiences that are required for an effective transition.

Our broad commitment to succession planning starts with tailored leadership and personal development programmes for our graduates and junior managers. This is complemented, in time, by a broader suite of leadership and executive programmes at more senior levels in the business. For example, the top 480 leaders in the business have all undertaken a specially commissioned external programme on Leading Change and promoting a progressive and safe working culture. We will shortly launch a tailored Group Executive Education Programme.

A formal Balfour Beatty Leadership Framework is in place across the Group. This acts as a useful context for leadership development discussions and planning at all levels in the company. The Framework clearly articulates what we require of our future leaders, now and in the future, so people can structure and plan their development.

As with all other elements of our career development and talent management framework, we monitor carefully the effectiveness of our leadership development and succession planning to ensure that we're meeting our commitment to internal progression, diversity and inclusion and the fulfilment of individual potential.

We have put the following measures in place to support our commitment to effective succession planning:

  • A commitment to extend the wide range of leaders who have progressed their careers internally in Balfour Beatty to our most senior positions.
  • A clear Leadership Framework that sets out the skills and experience we require of current and future leaders, combined with comprehensive succession planning to ensure we continue to develop our future leaders in the business.
  • Effective and ongoing monitoring of our succession planning to ensure it reflects our broader commitments to fulfil the potential of all our people, and promote diversity and inclusion.